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About Us

Originally from New York City, we're designers and makers of meticulously handcrafted leather goods to lust after. Bas and Lokes is now based out of beautiful Sydney, Australia. 

When we started back in December of 2009, we were just a small team of two. We’ve done some growing and are now a team of five (and a feisty mini brown female poodle) with an absolute love for all things exquisitely and beautifully handcrafted.

Right before we officially launched Bas and Lokes, Bas had quite the collection of mostly vintage watches. Like almost every woman, she absolutely loves accessories and loves her watch straps to match her belt, match her shoes, match her bag, match her clothes. You get the picture. However, back when we started, the selection of elegant and upscale handcrafted leather watch straps in the market was very slim. We all know that often times when you can't find something you need, you end up making it yourself.

We have been selling to a steadily growing fan base of customers worldwide and making friends in all parts of the globe. Our goods are sought after by many watch collectors and individuals with a passion for limited edition, high quality bespoke leather goods.

We evolved out of a love and passion for an elegant style and products that not only look great, but are built to last using the best materials around. All of our products are made with pride in limited editions ensuring you own a very unique item that is made for you and not mass-produced. Your Bas and Lokes products will evolve with you and stand up to abuse and wear and develop their own character over time.

Thanks so much to every single one of you for your support. We wouldn't be where we are without you. And a big shout out to all of those awesome blogs and magazines who have been kind enough to feature us on their pages. We love you. 

Bas and Lokes

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